The Horse Barn


Back in Nov. 2009 we got started on building a barn for the horses to get in out of the winter weather. Some had told me that the horses would more then likely stand outside in the rain and snow anyway so why go to the trouble. Well our horses are from Southern Nevada, and more or less spoiled, I set out to build them a barn and guess what, they stand inside it during bad weather. For the most part its the same setup that we used on the hay barn with one exception. For the tack room I made use of a 20 foot long steel storage container set inside on concrete footings then sheet metal walls all around it to cover it up. Installed a new walk in door and window to give it better access and give it some light inside.


Concrete was done by local guys at Mike’s Concrete out of Salina, Ut. they completed footings and stem walls during the first two weeks of November. Which put me welding during a very cold spell where it was down to  -20 below at night for a couple of nights. This would make for some nice working conditions in the mornings as it would take up to 3 hrs to get all the equipment started up just to go back to work again each day.


Due to the time frame and the work we had going on in Boulder City I did most of the erection and frame welding on this one. Noel Cowley was able to spend a day with me while we welded in the red studs across the roof area. Four hands makes for a lot less work on those since there 22’ long each they can be a hand full by yourself, I was glad he was there. Anyway misery loves company, right.

Once we had the framework all welded up the guys from James Brown Roofing came back up from St. George and installed the roof, trim and all siding sheet metal for us again. I think they must have thought I was nuts for building this at that time of the year. It was still very cold to be doing anything outside, with temps first thing in the morning running below zero it was fun. Then may only warm up to 10 above during the day.

I still have some finish work inside in the tack room to do but for the most part its pretty much done. The horses take advantage of the windbreak every chance they get and spend a lot of time back under the roof whenever the weather gets bad. Spoiled horses, what can I say. 

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