Livestock & the Kids

Local Free Loaders out on our Pivot Field








 We get a few head that will hang out here at our place from time to time,  couple of years ago there was one of the nicest six point ( each side ) buck Mule deer I had ever seen staying in the hay barn during the fall along with a little two point Mule Deer. Have not had Elk come around yet but they are in the area. Every now and then we have found tracks from a Mountain Lion cutting across our back yard in the snow.


Hard Working Farm Cat








“Bella” our farm cat. The quad must have been in one spot to long. So she has decided to supervise the work we were doing 

Don’t tell our Mom’s we went to McDonalds 







The girls wanted to go to McDonlds so grandma is happy to spoil them

Sidney & Avery with their morning hot chocolate







During the summer of 2010 the girls came up with us for the weekend. Both had these matching pink pigs pajamas, so they ended up as the “two pink pigs”

 Cyndi, Sidney going for a ride on Raferty








Grampa, Jared & the Swather

Since the Cars Movie came out all of the grandkids have wanted to go for a ride in “Frank”, well our swather is as close as we come on our farm to a Frank.







Cattle Brands

We wanted to come up with something a bit different for our cattle brand. So while sitting in church on one Sunday afternoon with a good friend of ours John Harber, he mentioned a few brands that he thought were pretty good. One of them was not in use in the State of Utah, so I put in for it and now we are the proud owners of the brand which reads ” Lazy SOB “since the S is laying on its side. Play on words but I thought it was fun so there ya go.








Tough Time to Be Born

Febuary is a tough time of the year to be born but he made it fine. After all of that work to be born he had to take a nap in the sun. I think our night time temperature right then were down around zero.








Life is Good

For me having the calves around is just good times. Its always fun to watch them run and kick just having a good time. This photo just feels good, the cows take pretty good care of the calves.








Putter Butt Girls & Calves

Sunny day last spring so were all just over here helping getting the wheel lines rolled out.








Newborn Fawn

While mowing the 1st cut this past spring I came across this little guy hiding in the tall grass behind our hay barn.








Dallin & Cyndi Feeding Calves

One day while at a friends feed lot Cyndi and one of our grandsons, Dallin got the help out with the bottle feeding of some newborn calves. He had a ball with that.








Putter Butt Girls

Hi were the Putter Butt Girls.  We get to hang out here most of the year and relax out here in the pasture and raise the calves. Life has been pretty good out here until they stuck a couple of them stinky Llamas in here with us. That was a bad day we almost destroyed the place.

The two Demon Llamas

Cyndi came across this free to a good home deal one day.  So, we got two Llamas and all we had to do was go and pick them up.  These were somebody’s pets we were told. So after loading up the horse trailer we drove over to pick them up.  When they did not get in the trailer without a fight, I should have known then we were in for something special.  On returning home with them, we unloaded them into the pasture with two of our horses.  They had no sooner hit the ground and my horse decided he did not like them in his pasture.  Fight number 1 broke out with him and the mother Llama.  The people we got them from were standing there watching this as my gelding was going to kill this intruder.

After gathering up the horses, I put them into their stalls and left the Llamas in the pasture.  Everybody was happy then.  A couple of days went by and we brought home our cows from being away all summer on the summer pasture.  Fight number 2 broke out with the mother Llama and one of the cows.  If we would have only known we have had a video camera for this one.  The Llama dropped her head and charged one of the cows, who took off running to get away from this crazy thing chasing her.  She proceeded to slam into 3 or 4 sections of fence almost going thru it.  Then, turned and ran into a brand new motorized wheel line mover along with 240′ of irrigation pipe and wheels which had to be heavier than a car all together.  No match for a charging cow.  The mover went flying 15′ when she stopped to take a look around the Llama was still hot on her heals.  So, she turned and ran thru the 4″ aluminum pipe that was attached to the mover.  This broke in half as it was no match for 1200 lb. pregnant cow.  With tears running down everyones faces from laughing so hard, what else was there to do but watch.  It’s been a while ago now, but the Llamas are still talked about around here.  Oh by the way, they’re gone.  Did I mention they spit, ya right in your face if you’re not careful around them.  Nice green stuff.


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