Honey Look At The Farm I Bought


April 03, 2004








First glance of the place and the view for the add in the paper that Cyndi found one day








A shed with a room to stay in if you want, even had a bathroom in it with hot and cold running water








 It even had a few pens with some livestock in them, but they we not a part of the deal. Man this was the place for us








It even already has alfalfa growing on it








Has a usable silo there we can make some use of with a bit of clean up around it, not to bad








It does have a couple of small piles of junk to clean up around the place 








Don’t worry about that pile I will get it cleaned up








Ya, I’ll get that pile cleaned up also. Man where did all of this junk come from. I don’t remember it being here the first day I saw the place. The cleanup went on for a good share of the first year till we got it all. I had the sellers get a lot of the stuff they had drug in but also took care of some if ourselves. Looked as if Fred Sanford lived there when we bought it

June 19,2004







Ooopps, we had a bit of a fire, bad part was the Monroe Fire Dept. came and put it out before it was done burning the place down







So much for the apartment, now we will have to come up with something else. Cyndi and Stacy our oldest daugther  spent all one Saturday cleaning the place up then I burned it down







Ya, I think its going to be a total loss, sorry about that

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