Flood of 2010


During the Spring of 2010 we had just a bit of snow melt and run off here in the valley. Its a good thing we raised the house area up about four feet above the natural grade out here. The house never had a problem but the yard, driveway, pasture and part of the main alfalfa field caught it pretty bad for a week to ten days.  








All of the pasture area in front of the house went under approx. two feet of water. Also flooding the driveway and turning some of the yard and Cyndi’s garden into a lake making the rest of the yard into an peninsual around the house. So we ended up with water within about fifty feet of the house on three sides. This view is from the front porch looking out towards the east.








Another view of the house from the north looking back at Cyndi’s garden area and back yard








High water run off making its way down into town from up on Monroe Mtn. several miles south east of our place








I was glad to see somebody get a bit of fun out of all of the water we had at our place. The boys from TC Farms brought there 4 wheelers down and played around in the water for a bit one hot afternoon. Not sure if it ended up there way they had in mind when it was all over.









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