Building the house

Basement ground breaking day – March 13, 2006








 Cyndi working with her flip flops & no hard hat on during the ground breaking photo shoot. Don’t let OSHA see this one !








 Clint, Dallin working the shovel over, Cyndi & Laura








Clint and I digging the basement with a 420d Cat backhoe & Clint on the 966d Cat loader, he is doing most of the work. I’m doing the corners and detailed stuff.








All that stockpiled dirt from the basement was to be later used to raise up the yard around the house some 3  1/2  feet.








Finished basement excavation 40′ x 90′ x 6 1/2 feet deep some 900 cubic yards of digging later  


Concrete crew & the pour – May 19, 2006








 The form crew ( Mikes Concrete from Salina, Utah ) has been here, will pour in the morning








4:49am and the first truck is here, now I remember why I got out of concrete work








Looks Like fun !








Keep it coming, Mikes crew was pretty fast and did some nice work








Hey Mike, make sure that area is real flat that’s were the pool table is going to be








Oopps, fast forward just a bit, came back the next week and missed to form crew again.









Setting the Steel Beams in Place – May 30, 2006 








Those are 16″ x 1″ thick beams that hold up the main spans upstairs in the family room area








Another OSHA safe project here, walking the beams








 Tim Wallace and Kevin of AAA Crane Service setting the beams in place








Kevin from AAA Crane doing a bit of welding on support legs prior to welding them in under the main beams. In some of the walls we have a few of these hid inside the wall framing. Otherwise the family room has the heavy beams which spans the entire ceiling with no support legs under them making for a very open room down strairs 








Kevin welding the structural legs in place, open area in the middle behind Kevin is the 1,100 sq ft family room








 The completed basement steel support substruction and both halves of the modular home setting on each side of the basement ready to move into place


The main floor of the house – June 09,2006








Here we are with the ground level view of both halves ready to move in on the basement walls, center sections of roof still needs to be raised up as well. The main floor has 3 bedrooms, living room, office / ham shack, dinning room, kitchen, washroom, three baths at approx. 2,200 sq ft total footage. Cyndi wanted to have a wrap around porch but I could not figure out how to wrap it around with the roof line so it’s on two side full length of the house, nice and shady just right to sit and look at the mountains’s in the afternoon or watch the sunset. 








One side is in place and the other is up about a foot here, nobody is here. Maybe everybody is out to lunch, or did they go hunting ? 








Cyndi keeping an eye on me as we try to locate the basement back door here with the backhoe








Front view of the house with the porch before the porch cover was built


Framing in the Basement and front and back porches – Aug 24, 2006








Larry working on some of the interior framing in the basement, when I had enough time to be away from work I would help with the framing work, mostly I got to sweep the floors but I did get to shoot some nails into the floor a few times.  The basement has 4 bedrooms for overflow guest’s when they drop by, family room, storage room & a bath in it at approx. 2,200 sgft total downstairs.








This is one of the structural posts that is inside of the a few of the bedroom walls in the basement that hold up some of the smaller steel beams in the ceiling. Do you see the two orange pieces sticking up there, those are the Hilti nails I got to shot into  the floor when I was not sweeping the floors for Larry.  Just kidding boss









 Framing for the front porch








Son in law, Chris helping with the overhead lighting and wiring on the back porch








Son, Clint moving dirt into the back yard areas with 613 Cat  scraper to raise the grade up around the house and slope yard away for drainage








Clint putting the final touch’s of the backyard rough grading








Family friend Larry Lopan who did all of the framing on the porches and the interior walls in the basement for us. Here is working on hanging the ceiling sheeting on the front porch










We had felt at the time when we started this that we would go with the modular home since it would not take as long to build as a normal house up here, we did not know the local contractors. Since we lived some 4 1/2 hrs away to run back n forth to keep an eye on things as far as construction were concerned may prove to be a real chore. But as you can see it took awhile to do this anyway.

During the spring and summer of 2008 we got to the landscaping as it is now. With the help of our son in law Troy the sprinkler system got put in over a week that he and I both had off. The tree’s and shrubs Cyndi and I planted over another trip up and the grass was put in by a local contractor for us. Its much better now that some of the dust is cut down if the wind blows. There are still a few things going on around here most all of the time.

We still have a garage, a shop to build one of these days and some of the landscaping is still to be done. This springs honey do list has a raised bed vegetable garden on it for Cyndi. So that will be first on my list now that things are starting to warm up and one’s thoughts turn to that sort of thing again after the winter. 

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