Putter Butt Farms

Hay, Lots of Hay !

During the summers around here with the help of a couple of other local friends we put up some 200 – 250 tons of alfalfa hay over 3 to 4 cuts. The growing season starts around mid April and lasts until mid October when we run out of warm weather. We have the capabilties to bale the smaller 2 string bales wieghing approx. 75 lbs, all the way up to the large 1 ton bales.  Our hay has been going to horse owners around the area and in Nevada, local feed lots / dairies and some dairies as far away as California.

With some 50 acres here at Putter Butt Farms it can keep you pretty busy. It has been very much a family effort since 2004, from building the house and the barns to earthwork around the house and the everyday farming activities that go on. But there is still time at the end of the day to enjoy a ice cold Coke and ride around valley with a good friend to relax a bit and talk things over. Good times !

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