Near Miss


Got up this mornig to feed the livestock and change some of the irrigation water that was on and found the run off waste ditch behind our place had come up maybe 18″ over night. Water was running everywhere out across the pivot field from two sides. The water had crested the top of the ditch by maybe 1″ and was flowing out into the alfalfa field along an area of about 800′ long. The bridge that goes across the lane in front of our place had water pushing up against the steel frame work that makes up the bridge supports. Last night when it got dark the water was maybe a foot below the bridge frame now this morning it was 6″ up the side of it, nice way to start a Sunday morning. Worked on it all day with a back hoe and a blade raising the berms and filling in the places it got out. There is about a 1/3 of it that was to wet and soft to work in without getting stuck. So hope we can fix it before it comes up again. 

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New Heifers


A few days ago we picked up three new heifers. After selling off what we had last year I have been wanting to pick up a couple more to have around. This day turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon after having been raining all week long. To look at the mountains one might think it was still winter and not the middle of May

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Rage Triathlon



Over the weekend of the 16th of April I was racing with my oldest granddaughter, Sierra along with another women Barbara in the 2011 Rage Triathlon at the Lake Mead recreation area outside of Boulder City, NV. We entered as a relay team in the Sprint portion of the race. Barbara did the 750m swim in the lake ( cold water this time of the year ) after her swim she passed off the timing chip from her ankle to me. I was the lucky one I think as I got to ride my bike for 20k out on the lake shore road. After my part of the race I handed off the timing chip to Sierra who is 11 years old and she went on for the 5k run out thru the desert on Boulder Beach. The relay team entries numbered 26 I think it was. We came in 3rd place with the time of 1:39:55 and had a good time doing it. The team was named ” 2 Girls and an old fart ” Sierra got to go up and receive our trophies for 3rd place, she later had a father come up to her and tell her she was a big inspiration to him and his girls to finish an adult race like that at her age. Way to go Sierra !

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The Garden


Not much new going on around here, just normal spring farm work these days getting it all ready to go again. I did get all of the  servicing of the irrigation equipment work done this week since we may be turning in the water sometime next week. Also have been working on Cyndi’s raised bed garden project for most of the last two day’s, should have the drip system in this morning so she can plant the first half of her veggie garden. The first half of it is three raised 4’x8′ boxes that are 12″ deep each. They all have weed proof bottoms in them and a mix of sand, peat moss and some other mulch type organic additives mixed in ( turkey crap ) I believe. With the drip lines on a automatic clock they should get watered when we are not here, should cut down on some of the work for her and maybe some of the weeds.

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The Deed is Done


This past weekend has been one of those working trips. The deed is done now, the fields are no longer part of a antenna farm but have been turned back into a alflafa field again. I guess I will just have to be content with the higher radio bands this summer. Who knows maybe 6m will be good this year, lets hope !

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Antenna Work Day


So far this weekend I have been working at taking down the 8 – 600′ long beverage antennas, plus the verticals antenna’s for both 160m and 80m that are all located out on one of our alfalfa fields to the south of the house. After rolling up some 15,000′  of wire yesterday and today I have had enough of work. Its time to relax a bit, good thing Cyndi was here to help with lowering the verticals to the ground. They lay over pretty easy but the 160m vertical is to tall for one person to do it alone. I could have used the erection device and brought it down by myself but it was getting late in the afternoon and I just wanted to be done for the day. In the morning I still have about 6000′ of radials for the 80m vertical, coax to roll & control lines to roll up then the field will be clear again of toy’s !  

Was just plain cold and crappy outside this morning, but turned into a real nice day this afternoon once the fog went away and the sun came out to warm things up, even got a sunburn .  All of that coax rolls up much better after its been in the sun for awhile.

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Fun Comes to an End


Well the low band contest season has come to an end for me here at the ranch for 2011. Another all night run in the CQWW 160m SSB contest last night marks the end of the winter radio fun. Didn’t do to bad as a single op in this one I worked up enough points to beat our multi 2 effort in 2009 points wise and I think one or two more qso’s. Now all of the equipment needs to be taken down off of the main fields outside so spring farm work can begin in a couple of weeks. Well when the fields dry out again now, this morning at daylight we have approx. 6″ of new snow and its still coming down.

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All Night Long


Pulled an all nighter  last night in the CQWW 160m ssb Contest as a Single Operator, this weekend we will be my last for the winter as far as contests on the low bands go. Both of the low band antennas & all of the beverages need to come down so we can start up the farming operations for the year. Man did this winter go by fast.



Last night I finally finished the Log Book of The World’s Triple Play Award program ( # 536 ) after a good share of two years of part time working on it. For those who do not know about it, it is working each of the 50 states on ssb, cw & rtty mode. For the most part mine has taken so long due to the fact that most of my contacts have come from contests and I never went after it very seriously until the last couple of weekend while here at the farm. With the help of KD4POJ – Dwayne  the last cw contact was made last night which was for the state of North Dakota on 80 meter, thanks Dwayne !

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CQWW 160m ssb 2010


Will have rearrange some of the wall hangings here in my office / radio room now since the plaque from CQWW for the 160m ssb 2010 Contest 1st Place Zone 3 has showed up.  Big thanks to Riki Kline ( K7NJ / 4X4NJ ) for making the plaque donation each year for Zone 3, it will look nice hanging on the wall here with the rest of the stuff I have to hang with it from past contests. Thanks again to the team we had for all there efforts to winning Zone 3, we had fun ! 




CQWW 160m certificate for 1st Place win in Zone 3 and for the 1st Place in the State of Utah for 2010 by Team NK7C. Which was made up of  NK7C, W7RH, N7CQQ, N7NND, KE7ZIW & KF7HGD

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12/08/2010 I Spent the afternoon working on the installing some of the radials for the 160m vertical antenna Cyndi and I setup on Saturday. Still have more to install in the morning. I could not resist taking a photo of one of the antennas in the sunset tonight as it was truly a beautiful sunset. Just to bad Cyndi was not here to enjoy it with me. I know you need to be a ham to enjoy an antenna in a sunset photo.

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