Were has the summer gone


Well lets see, its been a couple of months since the last post so where to start.  I spent a big share of the summer cutting or baling hay. It was nice, may sound strange but have been really missing the summer work up here since it has gotten cold now. 

Staci and I have done a few pretty good bike rides since we did the 50 miler with Joren for his Cycling Merit badge. On the 15th of October we did a relay team entry in the “Pumpkin Man Triathlon in Boulder City, Nv. The team was my oldest granddaughter Sierra doing the run, a friend of there’s Travis who did the swim and myself on the bike. We placed 4th , missing 3rd place by 6 seconds, But I think the three of us had a real good time doing this one.

Since the farm work has slowed down I have had time the past couple of weekends while up there to work on repairs to my 160m vertical antennas and building more verticals to add into the array this year.  The upgrades has made them into 10′ long sections rather then one long mast, making them much easier to transport and store.  These changes have given me some much needed practice on my TIG welding skills on aluminum.

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