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The party is over, well the low band contest season is over for another year. We completed the past weekend contest ( CQWW 160m ssb ) Sunday morning and everybody headed home to Las Vegas after breakfast. Team was W7RH – Bob, N7CQQ – John, KG7SS – Blaine, KF7FQU – Gary, my wife Cyndi – N7NND  and myself. We had two others drop out at the last minute due to work.

Anyway we had a good time, only a couple of problems during the test. One was during the afternoon on Saturday when the logging network went down for some unknown reason. Had it back up in a half hour or so. But then just at dark we found that the second station antenna had broke down during the day. Resulting in the loss of the multiplier station for Saturday night.  The last contacts just at sunrise were with it and everything was fine, but by the end of the day something had gone wrong resulting in it shorting out. It was a real bummer to be down one antenna with the group we had.  All that is left now is to take down /remove the antennas off of the alfalfa fields, roll up some 25,000′ of wire and coax and turn it all back into a farm this coming week so we can start farming again for the summer. Oh boy sounds like fun !

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