Near Miss


Got up this mornig to feed the livestock and change some of the irrigation water that was on and found the run off waste ditch behind our place had come up maybe 18″ over night. Water was running everywhere out across the pivot field from two sides. The water had crested the top of the ditch by maybe 1″ and was flowing out into the alfalfa field along an area of about 800′ long. The bridge that goes across the lane in front of our place had water pushing up against the steel frame work that makes up the bridge supports. Last night when it got dark the water was maybe a foot below the bridge frame now this morning it was 6″ up the side of it, nice way to start a Sunday morning. Worked on it all day with a back hoe and a blade raising the berms and filling in the places it got out. There is about a 1/3 of it that was to wet and soft to work in without getting stuck. So hope we can fix it before it comes up again. 

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