Flood Protection Project


This has been one of those weekends were a lot was accomplished none of it was much fun. When we woke up last Sunday morning the “waste ditch” ( spring run off canal ) along the west and north sides of our property was running very full and had crested over the top of its banks along some 750′ to 1000′ of it. So since Clint was here with his family I sent him to the Cowley’s farm up in Venice to get their Cat Blade and I set out on the Backhoe to pack dirt into the low area’s. It took 3 days to pack dirt into those low area’s with a teaspoon, well that’s how it felt. The Backhoe has maybe a 1.25 yard bucket on it so it was a very slow process.

Clint used the Blade to berm up some of the area’s that could be done that way by just wind-rowing up excess dirt along the top of the existing berm. This was maybe 1,000′ or so, ( we raised up the entire berm ) it turned out to be approx. 24″ tall and about 4′ wide at the base. This berm sits on top of the ditch bank berm that was already around 3′ tall and 9′ wide. The rest of the 1,300′ run had to be packed in with the Backhoe most of it in one long 1,200′ run that could be reached from both ends. I started by lowering the grade of an area at each end and packed it in one bucket at a time until we had enough layed down ( 8′ wide and 1′ deep ) to make the same sized windrows as Clint had made. By the time I would get out in the middle of all of this it would be maybe 3 minutes each trip out there and then have to backup all the way back out. To make things worse after the water had run over the ditch bank it left everything pretty soft and muddy in the area I had to drive on, pretty nice way to go with a two wheel drive Backhoe. Anyway it’s closed in now and hopefully we will not be having anymore flood problems this year. It was a lot of work but well worth it if it will hold back the waste ditch and we don’t get flooded like last year again.

We still have over 200% of the snow pack up in the mtn’s around us and the Sevier River is running over flood stages right now. We don’t live by the river, I feel bad for those who do as its getting very bad around there for them. The whole north half of the state is going to be pretty wet this year from the looks of it. It seems that every storm we get is still bringing more snow and here it is the 1st of June. Global Warming ? Oh wait today its called ” Climate Change “

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