End Of Summer


Its been a very busy summer up here this year, not radio wise but farm wise. With the summer farming activities coming to an end maybe there will be some time to play radio now.

On July 22, Staci, and I headed out with Joren my oldest grandson for a 50 mile bike ride. He has been working on his ” Cycling ” Merit Badge for Boy Scouts. The ride started at the summit ( 7200′ ) of Clear Creek Canyon south west of Richfield, Utah. There is an old highway there that is seldom used now that I 70 runs down the canyon. After the 13 mile down hill run we made it out into the Sevier Valley and road thru some 8 towns before we ended up at our place ” Putter Butt Farms” north west of Monroe, Utah.  Oh and by the way those are not socks on my legs, just lily white legs with no tan.

With sore legs and butt Joren can now say he has riden 50 miles on one ride. 3 hrs 18 minutes ride time on a very pretty day for a ride not much in the way of wind until the last 11 miles then – you guessed it a head wind for 8 miles when your legs are starting to burn we run into a head wind. Oh well Joren did great and should have the merit badge completed now.

It was late spring was when I finished welding up the two new aluminum 80m verticals for W7RH to add into array at his remote in Az. That was the last radio project I think before I had to get busy farming. There are a few much needed repairs that need to be made to our 160m verticals before they go back up this winter. Then maybe if I have time I will work on building a couple of more verticals to add into our array here. Looking forward to getting to doing some TIG welding on some new antennas, sounds like fun ! 

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