Another Winter Gone By


Wow here it is the March 10th all ready and another winter ( radio contest season ) has come and gone. These past two weekends I got the remaining low band antenna equipmment off of the pivot field so we can start up farming operations again for the spring and summer. It seems like just yesterday that we were finishing up and we had the winter months ahead of us to play radio.

I would like to thanks those who came up to the farm or helped in the NK7C team entry for the CQWW 160m SSB contest. It was a lot of fun to have everyone there for the weekend. Cyndi – N7NND, Gary – KF7FQU and I set up and took down the low band antenna system this year and I greatly appreciate there help.  The op’s this year were Bob – W7RH, John – N7CQQ, Blayne – KG7SS and myself – NK7C. Many thanks to Cyndi for the great food and taking care of us all weekend during the “slug fest on the air”.  160m ssb contesting can be a rough affair at times and his year was no exception. The second night of the contest we lost the antenna on the multiplier station so we went down to just the one radio system for the rest of the night, 4 op’s and one radio. I think everybody did get the chance to sleep some that night. Thanks again to everybody for all you did. 

I’m looking forward to the growing season this year as last year was a lot of fun for me. Must have been the upgrade to all of the newer hay equipment and getting rid of the old stuff we had for a few years. Whatever it was I did have a great time and I think this year will be another great experience for my family and I.  

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